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  • LED Televisions

    Televisions have changed a lot over the years, from ugly deep boxes in the corner to the flat panels we have today that can be mounted on the wall if you want. 
    Picture quality has improved hugely as well, first with HD Ready screens, then with Full HD, and now with the latest generation of 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) screens.

    With ultra thin frames people are tending to buy larger screens, a few years ago 32" was the average screen size, now it is over 40" and getting bigger. These days it is not unusual to see 50", 55" and 65" TVs in normal living rooms. Also, more and more people are choosing to have larger screens in second rooms, with a range of affordable 40" screens being perfect for larger bedrooms.

    There is a huge amount of choice on the market, and still a lot of jargon and 'tech speak' that can make it difficult to know why one 40" TV costs £350, and another 40" from the same manufacturer costs £800. That's what we are here to help with, we have a range of televisions on display in our showroom and access to many more. We will talk to you about what your needs are and find the right set for you, and we offer a full installation service across most of Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, including wall mounting.

    We can also offer specialist televisions, such as screens that are ornate framed mirrors when not in use and high definition televisions when turned on, or televisions that appear from behind your favourite art work and even waterproof televisions for bathrooms, swimming pools or kitchens. Get in touch for details.   

  • Projectors + Screens

    The best and most cost effective way of getting the big screen at home is to install a projector. We have partnered with Epson to offer their range of award winning home cinema projectors to our customers.

    There is nothing like sitting down in a darkened room to watch a great film on a 100"+ screen, and it is even better if it is in your own home without people talking and kicking the back of your seat (or at least people you don't know), and without being charged £15 for soggy popcorn and a watery coke.

    You don't need a big room to enjoy the big screen experience at home. Our demonstration room is only 5m x 4m and has a 92" screen that comes down from the ceiling so disappears when not in use. If you don't think your living room is suitable, how about having a dedicated home cinema, maybe in an underused spare bedroom or study, or perhaps the garage that is just being used to store junk?

    We offer a range of projectors and screens, and you'll need to match them up with a sound system, so get in contact to discuss your requirements and room measurements and we will put together a great home cinema system package for you.