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  • HiFi Separates

    Separates offer great flexibility and great sound quality, and can be brought right up to date by adding a Bluetooth adaptor or a network adaptor, such as a Sonos Connect.

    Match a Yamaha stereo amplifier with a Sonos Connect and a pair of Q Acoustic Concept 20 Speakers for a great mid range system.  

  • Sonos

    One of our favourite ever products, the Sonos Wireless HiFi System delivers music all around your house wirelessly. Listen to music from your Apple or Android phone or tablet, computer, hard drive, internet radio and online streaming services, listen to the same or different songs in every room and control it all from your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

    With a product for just about every need, from the small Play:1 right up to their ‘Playbar’ soundbar that connects to your TV there is something for everyone, and it is easy to expand, start with one room and then add more as time goes on. Come in for a demonstration.

  • Wireless Audio
  • Speakers

    Speakers come in all shapes and size, and for many different applications. We can supply and install everything from small stylish speakers, to in ceiling or in wall speakers, and even outdoor speakers, including speakers designed to look like plant pots!

    With so many options available it can be a bit confusing trying to know what speakers are the right ones for you. Have a browse through this section to see some of the ranges we have available to get some ideas, and get in contact with your requirements so we can help find the right speakers for you.

    With all of our speakers we can offer either a delivery service, or a full installation service to most parts of Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

  • Small Audio Systems

    Historically having a small audio system meant having small sound with limited functions, but not anymore!

    Companies such as Ruark Audio, Yamaha and Roberts Radio now produce compact and stylish audio systems packed full of features and delivering a quality of sound that simply wasn’t possible a few years ago.

    More are people carrying their music around with them on iPads or phones, so audio systems with either Bluetooth or Network capabilities are a great way to play that music. DAB radio is getting stronger, and many of our customers who have it already love it, so if you listen to a lot of radio that is worth considering, and if you love radio but live in an area with poor reception an internet radio may be the perfect solution.

  • TV Sound Enhancers +...

    Televisions have gotten a lot thinner over recent years, and whilst this has many benefits there has been one big drawback; sound quality.

    Thin TVs normally means small speakers, and generally that means very poor sound, and with most manufacturers putting their speakers facing away from the listener, clarity can really be a problem.

    These issues have led to several new products designed to improve the sound from your TV without adding a full surround sound system. These fall broadly into three categories, soundbars that sit under or in front of the TV, active speakers that sit either side of the TV and sound bases (or plinths) that the TV sits on.

    So much enjoyment comes from the sound of a TV show or movie, when budgeting for a new TV we would recommend keeping the sound in mind. Sound should be as much of a consideration as picture.

  • Portable Audio Systems

    Music sets the mood, can help you relax, get you up and dancing, or set the background to a great gathering of friends. Whilst it would be great to be able to drag our main audio system from our living room around with us, normally that just isn’t practical, so a good portable audio system is a must for most households, be it a portable Roberts Radio or a Bluetooth speaker you can take outside for BBQs.

  • Headphones

    Most people agree that it can be easier to get a good sound from a set of headphones than it can be from speakers. Most headphones bundled in with the latest music players and phones are pretty rubbish, and even a small investment in a replacement can have a big impact on the sound quality of your music, and therefore on your enjoyment.

    Headphones split into two main categories, in ear and over ear, and within the over ear category you have two types, open, which gives a more open and wide sound, but can ‘leak’ a lot of noise to those around you, so not ideal if you are using them where there are other people such as a train. Closed headphones are the alternative, and tend to be a bit deeper sounding, but not as open, and don’t tend to disturb people around you as much.

    Within both categories there are different technologies, such as wireless and noise cancelling, and many different styles to fit you anf your style.

    If you have a particular set of requirements get in touch and we will do our best to find the right headphones for you.  

  • Yamaha MusicCast

    Yamaha has long been a leader in the audio market, and were actually one of the first companies with a Smart Home audio system when they launched the original MusicCast system back in 2003.

    To be honest, whilst it was a very good system, it was ahead of its time and released too early. Not everyone had home WiFi; and those that did didn't tend to have particularly reliable set ups, wireless music players like the iPhone were only just appearing and most people didn’t have fast broadband yet.

    Since then Yamaha have continued to do what Yamaha do best, make excellent quality and sounding audio systems, but at the same time they knew that the future of the home audio system is a connected one so they have been keeping a close watch on the smart audio market and developing their own system.

    Never a company to launch a ‘me too’ product, Yamaha have spent years and a lot of money on R&D to produce the new MusicCast range, creating a line-up of excellent products that excel at being great sound systems as well as a great multi room audio offering.

    One of the unique things about the Yamaha MusicCast line up is that in a sense there are no new products. What Yamaha have done is fit MusicCast within the products they already make so well, so you are not adding boxes or sacrificing something you want to add multi room connected audio.
    For example if you want a surround sound amplifier in your living room, a sound bar in the study, a micro hifi with CD in the kitchen and just a speaker in the bedroom Yamaha make all of these with MusicCast built in, and much more!

    There are also lots of nice features with MusicCast that you may not have seen on other products before. For example most of the units send out Bluetooth signals, which means if you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones, or even a little Bluetooth speaker, you can connect it to a MusicCast device and play you music back.

    The App that controls the system is excellent, and one of the things we love about the system is you can send music from one device to all the other devices from any of their inputs. So if you are watching the football in your living room and need to do something somewhere else in the house you can send the sound to the nearest speaker, or if you are listening to DAB radio on one of the units that has it built in you can send that sound to another room, even if the speaker you are sending it to doesn’t have DAB!

    If you are considering a multi room audio system, or even if you are just after a HiFi or surround sound system and think it is something you may want to do in the future, the Yamaha MusicCast system should be at the top of your considerations. Come in to our store in Billingshurst, West Sussex to discuss your requirements.

    We deliver and install the Yamaha MusicCast system across most of Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, and offer site surveys and consultations.  

  • HEOS by Denon