Sonos Supplied and Installed Across Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire including Worthing, Billingshurst, Horsham, Chichester

The System

We love Sonos here at Aurac Sound + Vision! The Sonos Wireless HiFi System fills your home with music.

Sonos features wireless speakers and components that deliver the powerful combination of HiFi sound and rock-solid wireless in a smart system that lets you play from a variety of sources to any room in your home.

Sonos Products including the Sonos Playbar and Sonos Sub available in Sussex

Sonos currently produce seven products, four are 'Play' products that are all in one speakers with all the Sonos magic inside including the new Playbar soundbar for your TV, there are two 'Connect' products that are designed to connect to other products to bring Sonos to existing HiFi or speakers, and finally there is the Sub, which can be added to nearly all of the Sonos products to give them amazing bass and full sound.

The whole system can be controlled via a free app on most Android and Apple phones and tablets, as well as most computers and macs.

We have years of experience selling and installing Sonos across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire, so really are the local experts!



The Products

Sonos make some great products that work really well by themselves, and are even better together. The system is easy to add to as well, so you can start with a Play:5 in the kitchen, and then add a Playbar in the living room, and a Play:3 in the bedroom!

Play:1 - The smallest of the Sonos speakers, mini but mighty! Have two in the same zone for stereo zone. Available in white or black.

Play:3 - The versatile speaker, horizontal or vertical positioning ideal for stereo pairing. Available in black or white

Play:5 - The original, largest, biggest sound Sonos speaker. Stereo pair and match with a Sonos Sub for amazing sound. Available in black or white.

Playbar - The Sonos Playbar is the perfect match for your TV. Improve the sound from your TV and stream all of your music. Can be paired with a Sub for 3.1 sound, or a Sub and two Play:1 or Play:3 speakers for 5.1.

Connect - Have a HiFi or Home Cinema System that you would like to make part of your Sonos system? The Sonos Connect will plug into almost any audio system to turn it into part of your Sonos system.

Connect:AMP - The Connect:AMP is a great piece of kit that you can plug speakers into. Great if you already have a pair of speakers you love, you want to add a high grade pair of speakers or you want to use in ceiling speakers.

Sub - The sub is a great addition to the range. Add it to the Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, Playbar or Connect:AMP for a much better sound.

Sonos Product Line Up - Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, Playbar, Sub, Connect, Connect:AMP                                     

The Accessories

There are a lot of accessories to help you get the best from your Sonos. The market leader is a company called Flexson who make a wide range including wall brackets, speaker stands and the new ColourPlay skins for adding a splash of colour to your Sonos speaker.

Flexson For Sonos ColourPlay Skin Accessories Flexson Sonos Stands and Brackets Accessories Available In Sussex


Sonos System Installation